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A1 Crispy Taro Root 6.00
A2 Chicken Satay (5) 7.00
A3 Golden Triangles (Burmese Samosas) 6.00
A4 Golden Tempura Fingers 6.00
A5 Crispy Fried Onion 6.00
A6 Firecracker Lentil Fritter (3) 6.00
A7 Rangoon Appetizer Favorites 6.00
A8 Asian Spring Roll (3) 6.00
A9 Thousand Layer Bread with BBQ Beef (3) 9.75
A10 Crispy Burmese Tofu 6.00
A11 Burmese Wonton 6.00
A12 Mandalay Shrimp Roll (6) 7.50
A13 Thousand Layer Bread with Curry Chicken Dipping Sauce 6.25
A14 Thousand Layer Bread with Curry Potato Dipping Sauce 6.25
A15 Thousand Layer bread with Vatana Bean for Dipping 6.25
A16 Rangoon Crabmeat Dumplings 6.00
A17 Thousand Layer Bread (Made in House) 3.50


O1 Glass Noodle and Mushroom Soup 4.00
O2 Pumpkin Soup 4.00
O3 Oion Pea Soup-Village Style 3.50
O4 Shrimp Lemongrass Soup 4.00
O5 Watercress Soup 4.00
O6 Coconut Galanga Soup 4.00


S1 Spring Ginger Salad 7.00
S2 Rangoon Shrimp Salad 8.00
S3 Calamari Ala Burma 8.00
S4 String Bean and Peanut Salad 7.00
S5 Summer Chicken Salad 7.50
S6 Asian Tea Leaf Salad 9.00
S7 Burmese Tofu Salad 7.00
S8 Beef Salad 8.50
S9 Glass Noodle Salad 7.00
S10 Fried Bean Curd Salad 7.00
S11 Eastern Noodle Salad 7.00
S12 Asian Field of Greens Salad 7.00
S13 Rice Ball Salad 7.00
S14 Papaya Salad (Seasonal) 8.00
S15 Crispy Watercress Salad 7.00
S16 Rangoon House Salad 8.00
S17 Mango Salad 8.00

Chef's Picks

Chicken 11.50
Pork 11.50
Beef 12.50
Vegetarian 10.00
Fish 16.50
Shrimp 16.00
Scallop 16.50
Squid 16.50

C1 Coconut Curry Chicken
C2 Chicken Mint Kebab (Beef)
C3 Sweet and Sour Chicken/Pork/Shrimp/Monk Fish/Spare Ribs
C4 Kung Pao Chicken/Pork/Beef/Shrimp/Monk Fish/Tofu
C5 Red Bean Chicken/Pork/Shrimp/Fish/Scallop/Squid/Tofu
C6 Chicken/Pork/Beef with Pickled Cabbage
C7 Chicken/Pork with Assorted Veggies
C8 Chicken/Beef Keema
C9 Lemon Chicken
C10 Asian Chicken Cutlet (Pork)
C11 Mango Chicken/Shrimp/Fish/Scallop/Squid/Tofu
C12 Spicy Curry Chicken
C13 Chili Chicken /Beef/Shrimp/Spare Ribs/Monk Fish/Fish/Tofu
C14 Basil Chicken/Beef/Pork/Shrimp/Fish/Scallop/Squid/Tofu
C15 Jungle Chicken/Beef/Pork/Shrimp/Fish/Scallop/Squid/Tofu
C16 Broccoli Chicken/Beef/Shrimp
C17 Country Chicken
C18 Okra Chicken/Shrimp
C19 Pumpkin Chicken/Shrimp


B1 Lemongrass Beef
B2 Pagan Beef
B3 Beef with String Beans
B4 Curry Beef
B5 Curry Beef with Lentil Beans

P1 Curry Spare Ribs
P2 Pork in Mango Pickled Curry
P3 Burmese Spare Ribs $ 13.00 


E1 Ginger Shirmp
E2 Garlic Shrimp
E3 Coconut Shrimp

F1 Hot and Sour Fish
F2 Banana Leaf Fish
F3 Ngapali Pineapple Fish (Scallop and Squid)
F4 Shan Hin Lay Fish
F5 Burmese Inlay Fish
F6 Crispy Fish Meat Thoke
F7 Nga Chin Cho Sart

G1 Chili Seafood 18.50
G2 Tomato Curry Seafood 18.50
G3 Pin Sein Mussel 16.00
G4 Anhnawa Pan Naykyar 18.50


V1 Monsoon Vegetables
V2 Vegetarian Delight
V3 Spicy Eggplant
V4 Spicy String Beans
V5 Sauteed Fresh Mushrooms
V6 Spicy Curry Potato
V7 Fried Vatana
V8 Vegetarian Keema
V9 Coconut Tofu
V10 Tomato Curry Tofu
V11 Spicy String Bean with Tofu
V12 Eggplant Pin Sein
V13 Okra Bala Chang
V14 Dynamite Tofu


R1 Festival Rice 9.00
R2 Vegetarian Fried Rice 7.50
R3 Chicken or Pork Fried Rice 8.00
R4 Coconut Rice 3.50
R5 Ahnyh Tamin 9.50
R6 Buremse Vatana Bean Fried Rice 8.00
R7 Pineapple Rice 9.00
R8 Spicy Red Fried Rice 9.50
R9 Coconut Rice or Golden Rice with Spicy Curry Chicken 8.50
R10 Golden Rice 3.50


N1 Festival Fish Noodle Soup 7.00
N2 Coconut Chicken Noodle Soup 7.00
N3 Rangoon Night Market Noodle 8.50
N4 Panthay Noodle 8.50
N5 Mandalay Nungyi Noodle 8.00
N6 Burmese Cold Noodle (Let Thoke) 8.00
N7 Northern Burmse Noodle 9.50
N8 Nungyi Noodle Gyaw 9.50
N9 Spicy Rice Sticks 9.50
N10 Shan Rice Noodle 8.50
N11 Southern Burmese Noodle 9.50
N12 Rangoon House Noodle 9.50
N13 Shan Noodle Soup 8.50
N14 South East Asian Noodle 9.50
N15 Basil Noodle 9.50
N16 Burmese Chicken Lo Mein 9.50

Luncheon Specials
Weekdays ( Mon-Fri) From 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Served with Vegetable fried rice (or) Steamed rice

L1 Sweet and Sour Chicken 7.00
L2 Coconut Chicken Curry 7.00
L3 Chicken Mint Kabab 7.00
L4 Lemon Grass Beef Curry 7.25
L5 Beef Mint Kabab 7.25
L6 Sweet and Sour Pork 7.00
L7 Pork with Mango Pickled Curry 7.00
L8 Monsoon Vegetable 7.00
L9 Chicken with Broccoli 7.00
L10 Beef with Broccoli 7.25
L11 Coconut Tofu 7.00
L12 Spicy Potato Curry 7.00
L13 Chicken with Basil 7.00
L14 Pork with Basil 7.00
L15 Beef with Basil 7.25
L16 Basil Tofu 7.00
L17 Tomato Tofu 7.00
L18 Tofu Mint Kebab 7.00


D1 Farluda 4.50
D2 Jello Crunch Ice 4.50
D3 Sweet Rice with Coconut Milk 4.50
D4 Coconut Layer Bread 4.50
D5 Sweet Rice with Mango 5.00
D6 Traditional Burmese Tea (Hot or Cold) 2.50